Experience the pace of life from another era and make your own memories in a town which remembers the past. .

  • On the town green, laid out by the Dutch in 1651, enjoy beautiful days of tranquility on the lawn. Stretch out in the shade and enjoy the views of a town four centuries in the making.
  • Enjoy a delicious meal in one of New Castle's excellent historic restaurants or taverns.
  • Visit the magnificent New Castle Court House, the first capitol building of Delaware. In the building's storied past, it has been an official meeting place, house of justice, and tea house.
  • Stroll down the same herringbone-patterned sidewalks that have carried centuries of residents and visitors.
  • Bow in the naves of historic churches, beside ancient graveyards of fallen heroes of the early republic.
  • Enjoy Battery Park with your family, where you can stretch your legs for a jog on the waterfront path or sit back and watch ships go by on the Delaware River.
  • Duck into some of New Castle's picturesque alleyways, and listen for echoes from the footsteps of some of New Castle's illustrious visitors, including William Penn, Sam Houston and Osceola. 

Take The New Castle AudioWalk!

Want a great way to experience the Historic New Castle at your own pace? Rent one of our audio tours of the historic district, and take a leisurely self-guided tour to learn about more than 360 years of history in Delaware's first capital - New Castle! 

For more information about the New Castle AudioWalk tour, please visit our Educational Programs & Tours page. 

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